Nice 2 rooms, 150 m from the sea, in the area of Durres, Albania

Durres, Albania – ID 7398
77,500 €
Area 70 m2
Flat kind 2+kk
Floor 2/5
Sea 150 m
Condition Ready

We offer you a 2-room apartment in the area of Durres, Albania. With a total area of 70 m2, located on the 2nd floor. The layout is an entrance hall, a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom, a bathroom with a toilet and a balcony. The building in which the apartment is located is located approx. 150 m from the sea. Great location, here you will find everything you need for a comfortable vacation: shops, schools, restaurants and cafes, beauty salons, clinics and more.

The maintenance fee is €8 to €12 per month.

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Located 34 km from the capital Tirana, the coastal city of Durrësi is home to Albania's largest port - and is one of the oldest cities in the country. The "Eternal City" on the Adriatic has a 3000-year history. Due to its long history, the city is naturally full of ancient archaeological sites and finds, including the famous amphitheater of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, whose 15,000-seat capacity makes it the second largest amphitheater in the Balkans. The old city was surrounded by a wall, a third of which still stands. Caesar himself once walked the ancient paths that have survived history. Durrës is a fantastic destination for history and art lovers: behind the Archaeological Museum, visitors can explore the Ethnographic Museum, which was home to the famous actor Alexandre Moissi, and the centrally located art gallery. Durrës is also ideal for those who want to relax by the sea, as its sandy beaches and numerous restaurants with stunning views of the Adriatic make for a perfect vacation.

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Flat kind
70 m2
Usable area
70 m2
280 m
330 m
200 m
250 m
230 m
училище / Kindergarten/school
380 m

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