Own a property directly on the sea coast

Get an apartment or house by the sea. Simply, without worries. With us!


01Why a property by the sea?

Do you want to own a property in a place where it's always warm? Where you can forget about everyday worries? You have come to the right place, our office will provide you with the best offers from many destinations, with service at your home.

02The purchase is not the end of our relationship!

To enable you to fully enjoy your property by the sea, we offer our clients a wide range of services from property insurance, building and repair work, furnishing, accounting and legal assistance, renewal of electricity, water, telephone contracts and much more. We can arrange renting, cleaning, laundry, welcoming guests or any other services associated with owning a property by the sea.

03Why are we doing this?

Our greatest pride is our satisfied customers. Time and time again, we reinforce our prestige and confidence by providing expert advice and sharing our views with our clients who have benefited over the long term from properties they have successfully purchased as planned and within the promised timeframe. In every case we manage, we not only look after you and provide expert advice, but also add value to your life and contribute to improving your economic situation by investing your money well. Our relationship does not end with the purchase, it is just beginning! We are your neighbours and partners, and not just for the duration of your ownership of your chosen property.

04Looking for an apartment as an investment?

We can guarantee you a net annual return of 8%. Are you an investor who is interested in yield but would like to enjoy 5 days of free accommodation by the sea a year? We will be happy to show you how during a personal meeting.

Do you have the intention to buy a property like a seaside cottage for your own use, where you will spend wonderful moments with your family, but not enough money? You don't want to pay up to CZK 50,000 per week or CZK 200,000 per month for a holiday? If you buy your own property by the sea, you can be on the beach from January to November for only CZK 30,000 per year. We will be happy to help you. At a personal meeting we will discuss your plan and possibilities and offer you a way to do it.

Top offers

Perfect 2 rooms in first line, top condition, Privilege Fort Beach
desirable complex desirable locality Good price
75 m2
100 m
80,000 €
Šipka vpravo
Fully furnished 2 rooms in the first line, lavishly equipped Privilege Fort Beach complex
desirable complex desirable locality
58 m2
100 m
87,000 €
Šipka vpravo
3 sea view rooms in first line, top condition, Privilege Fort Beach
sea view desirable complex desirable locality Good price
106 m2
100 m
132,000 €
Šipka vpravo

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