Wonderful real estate in Greece


We bring to the Czech market beautiful properties on the peninsula of Kassanda, Greece

Wonderful real estate in Greece

We bring to the Czech market beautiful properties for sale in Greece, specifically on the peninsula of Kassanda, which is the first of the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki.

10 reasons why this location:

1. Safe EU country

2. A country accessible by car 1500km from Prague by motorway, no ferries


3. Attractive country with protected natural harbours

4. Living investment by the sea

5. Three accessible airports in the area with regular year-round services

6. An island and yachting paradise

7. Views of the sea and surrounding islands thanks to the green hills

8. We take care of property management from A to Z. You can rely on us in all respects.
Our relationship does not end with the purchase, but only begins.

9. Ion coast rich in marine animals

10. Beautiful natural beaches and much more

The great potential for emerging tourism, the uncrowded beaches and the symbiosis with nature offer a great perspective to evaluate the purchase of a property in this location.
The area offers not only a summer stay by the sea, but also winter activities in the beautiful mountains full of adventures for biking and hiking.

The vast majority of travellers get here via the nearby Thessaloniki airport (50km from the nearest resorts), which receives a large number of flights from all over Europe. The second closest is Kavala Airport (129km from the nearest resorts), but there are significantly fewer flights to this airport and it is therefore more expensive.
The flight to Thessaloniki is only the first part of the journey to the sea. Unless you rent a car at the airport, you will need to take a bus to reach your destination.

Chalkidiki by car:

The distance between Prague and the resorts of Halkidiki is between 1,620 and 1,660 km and runs through six countries. Almost all of it can be covered by motorway, but the border controls, especially between Serbia and Hungary, as well as Greece and Macedonia, can delay you unpleasantly.
Generally, expect a total driving time from Prague of between 17 and 20 hours.