Building plot at a great price, Achtopol

Ahtopol, Bulgaria – ID 7401
36,000 €
Area 991 m2
Season All year

We offer to your attention a nice building plot in Ahtopol, Bulgaria. The land area is 991 m2. Excellent investment opportunity, we recommend!

Ahtopol is a very pleasant little fishing town with a port. The surrounding nature is sleepy and beautiful, the cliffs wild. But that will soon change due to the fact that a yacht harbor is in the person of modernity. It is supposed to be the third largest yacht harbor in the Mediterranean with a large quay (they call it "horseshoe" in Bulgarian) and a new lighthouse. Surely then the prices will rise quickly when a lot of yachting rich people will come here. The beach at Ahtopol is one big one (north of the town behind the cliff) and many small sandbars.

The surroundings of Ahtopol are definitely worth a visit. Around the lake there are interesting cliffs about 10 to 25 meters high and coastal plain steppes on them. Pasture and sheep are commonplace here. Some woods here and there. To the south, you can walk through this landscape to Sinemorka along the newly built hiking trail or along the main road. To the west of Ahtopol, about two kilometers further, you can reach the hills of the Strandža Mountains, which have been a national park for a few years, or, for example, the river Veleka, which slowly flows through the national park. From Achtopole to the north, you can easily walk along the sea or by road to Varvara.

991 m2
220 m
230 m
450 m
180 m
260 m
училище / Kindergarten/school
130 m

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