Buying property on hire purchase

Buying property on hire purchase


Want to invest in a beachfront property? Don't have enough cash and don't want to take out a loan or mortgage your property in the Czech Republic? Then we have a way for you to get your apartment, house or property in a different way!

Buying a property on hire purchase

When you buy a property with cash, you will be forced to shell out a considerable amount at once. If you do not have the required amount, you will have to wait until you have saved it. With hire purchase, your outlay at the beginning will not be as high compared to the first option, and you can enjoy the property immediately. You will make yourself, your children and your family happy without waiting unnecessarily. The price of the property will be spread over several instalments, but at the moment when you need the money, for example, it will not be tied up in real estate. So you can use it for other purchases. Also, buying any property or land is a good protection against inflation and not only that. Within a few years, the price of a given property could go up by tens of %.


- You only pay 30,40 or 50% of the purchase price as agreed upon

- You have the opportunity to use the crisis to your advantage, that is, buy cheap immediately, not more expensive later when you have already saved, but the crisis will not and prices will ground up

- No loan praise will occur, you just need to express your intention of buying the property by signing the contract

- You can do everything from the comfort of your home and remotely, without any travel

- You set your own repayment amount and length of repayment

- You don't worry about anything when you buy a home, we guarantee the safety and speed of the transaction.

- You only need a down payment and two documents to buy a home on installment plan

- Taking advantage of the current real estate market is smart



- Minimum age 18 years

- Minimum payment of 300 euros

- Maximum amount of real estate to be repaid 80,000 euros

- Maximum repayment period of 7 years.