We are preparing new properties for you in Torrevieja


Torrevieja, a place of peace, relaxation, shopping with a beautiful coastline.

We are preparing new properties for you in Torrevieja

Torrevieja, located on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain, is a popular destination known for its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches and vibrant lifestyle. Here are a few aspects to consider when it comes to living in Torrevieja and the real estate scene:

Housing in Torrevieja:

1. **Climate:**
- Torrevieja boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, making it an ideal location for those looking for a warm and sunny climate.

2. **Beaches:**
- The city is surrounded by pristine beaches, including Playa del Cura, Playa de los Locos and La Mata Beach, which provide residents with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and water activities.

3. **Cultural scene:**
- Torrevieja has a vibrant cultural scene with many festivals, concerts and events throughout the year. A highlight is the international competition Habaneras a Polyfonia, which is a celebration of music and culture.

4. **Facilities:**
- The city offers a range of services including shopping malls, medical facilities, schools, parks and a number of restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

5. **Leisure Activities:**
- Residents can enjoy leisure activities such as golf, water sports and exploring the natural beauty of the surrounding area, including the famous salt lakes.

Real estate and rental:

1. **Types of property:**
- Torrevieja offers a diverse range of properties, from apartments and townhouses to villas. The choice depends on individual preferences, budget and desired proximity to the beach or town centre.

2. **Rental market:**
- The rental market in Torrevieja is active and caters for both long and short term renters. Flats are commonly available for both options, with a choice of furnished and unfurnished.

3. **Property prices:**
- Property prices in Torrevieja can vary depending on property type, location and amenities. The market has seen fluctuations but remains relatively affordable compared to many other European destinations.

4. **Favourite areas:**
- Popular residential areas include Playa del Cura, La Mata, Nueva Torrevieja and Aguas Nuevas, each offering unique housing.

Whether you are looking for a permanent home, a holiday home or are considering renting in Torrevieja, the diverse range and Mediterranean charm make the town an attractive destination on the Costa Blanca.