Which are popular destinations for foreign buyers?


Albania has become increasingly popular among foreign property buyers in recent years.

Which are popular destinations for foreign buyers?

This small but diverse country with its beautiful climate, rich history and affordable real estate offers an interesting investment opportunity. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular locations in Albania for foreign buyers looking to invest in this fast-growing market.

Albania's coastal riviera:

The most famous places in Albania abound in the coastal Riviera, which stretches along the Ionian Sea and is renowned for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and charming coastal towns. Places like Ksamil, Himara and Dhermi have become popular destinations for foreign property buyers. Whether you're looking for a beachfront villa or a cosy apartment with a sea view, the Albanian Riviera offers a variety of real estate options.

Town of Durrës

The town of Durrës is located 34 km from the Albanian capital Tirana and its history dates back to 627 BC. It is already home to Albania's largest harbour and a new superyacht marina is under construction. This project will combine Durrës' fascinating history with the luxury sector to create an iconic coastal destination for yachtsmen.

Historic towns: Gjirokastër and Berat:

Gjirokastër and Berat are charming destinations for those who can appreciate history and architecture. With their well-preserved Ottoman-style houses, cobbled streets and unique blend of history and modernity, these towns are popular with foreign property seekers. Investing in a traditional stone house or renovated villa can provide a unique and authentic experience.

Vlorë, the gateway to the south:

Vlorë is a thriving coastal town with great potential for foreign investors. Thanks to its strategic location and proximity to the Riviera and national parks, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for property buyers. The developing infrastructure and the availability of amenities make the town a valuable investment opportunity.

Emerging tourist destinations:

Albania's newfound popularity has seen the emergence of new tourist hotspots and investors looking for a good opportunity should keep an eye on areas such as Saranda, Shengjin and Velipojë. These destinations offer affordable real estate and the potential for significant returns as tourism there is growing, and will continue to grow.