Why invest in Cyprus


Investing in real estate in Cyprus can be attractive due to the stable and growing market, which offers the potential for long-term profits from renting or selling property. Due to its strategic location and the demand for holiday properties, investing in Cyprus can offer a favourable combination of reliable property value growth and the opportunity to use the property for your own holiday or as an attractive tourist rental.

Capital valuation:

North Cyprus has seen a 79% increase in property prices over the last 3 years. This level of capital appreciation is unparalleled elsewhere in Europe.


The cost of living is very low and property prices are significantly lower than in South Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries. It ranks first in Forbes magazine's "Best Beach Buys"

Bank account:

Private banking with strict confidentiality of client information. No questions asked when moving money up to £1 million.

Cryptographic laws:

Freely buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies and buy real estate and cars.

Residency Permit:

When you buy a property in Northern Cyprus, you can easily obtain a permanent residence permit.


Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. We have a very low crime rate.


Average 340 days of sunshine with warm winters. The beach season lasts 8 months.

Pure environment & unspoilt nature:

It ranks 1st in the EEA ranking for the cleanest sand and sea. Strict government regulations to protect the environment.


Capital appreciation in Northern Cyprus