Why invest in Albania?


We see huge investment potential in the beautiful and undervalued country of Albania.

Why invest in Albania?

We see huge investment potential in the beautiful and underrated country of Albania.

We visited Albania and saw for ourselves that Albania is like Croatia 20 years ago - a somewhat forgotten European country with untapped potential. Albania is not the poorest country in Europe, despite false assumptions and stereotypes, but it is treading on the heels of its Balkan neighbours.

Albania is a country with a steadily developing economy, a favourable location and natural resources. Not investing in real estate here would be a missed opportunity. Their prices are still lower than in the Czech Republic, but thanks to the promising development of the country they are constantly growing. This gives you a solid guarantee of a return on your investment.

3 important success factors: local relationships, knowledge of the quality of construction and due diligence

We have unique relationships with local developers and entrepreneurs that give us access to the individual projects we now offer. We perform physical inspections of the construction and are able to provide custom modifications.

We know the quality of local construction and are able to expertly assess it. We then select investment opportunities based on this.

We verify all information and facts (legal and background checks).

We maintain superior relationships with investors and developers. The basic principles that lead to such relationships and that promote the reputation of our company are in particular:

1. We have a local presence in Albania, we know the local market well and therefore offer only profitable investment opportunities.

2. We focus mainly on newer properties or those still under construction, which we personally screen and inspect thoroughly


3. We allow investors to view the selected property in peace, get to know Albania and then make a decision. All this with the highest possible comfort. We can arrange to view the property online and from the comfort of your own home

4. Top-notch service is a matter of course, as well as pro-client negotiations and a complete full service to put as little burden on the investor as possible.

5. Everything is done in complete transparency and we ensure two-way communication in three languages so that there are no misunderstandings.

The motto "our customer, our master" is not just an empty concept for us, our clients can really rely on us. In fact, we have a wealth of personal experience and knowledge that is equal to local conditions.