How will the Euro income affect property prices in Bulgaria?


As you may have read somewhere, Bulgaria wants to adopt the euro. And although it will take some time, 2025 is the scheduled adoption date.

How will the Euro income affect property prices in Bulgaria?

The euro has its advantages, but what does it mean for the real estate market in Bulgaria?

Many foreign investors and banks from Germany, France or Scandinavia, for example, invest only in the Eurozone, as this reduces the exchange rate risk. One of the reasons why Bulgaria is so attractive for investment is that it has low property prices and one of the cheapest workforces in the EU. By adopting the euro, Bulgaria will attract many more foreign investors. Bulgarian wages will start to be paid in euros, the average salary will increase and purchasing power will rise.

The first investment that comes to mind for the average citizen is in real estate. Prices in Sofia are already almost as high as in other European cities, so tourist destinations remain the only places where it will be possible to buy property. Mortgage interest rates in Bulgaria are at the lowest level in the EU. It is also likely that Bulgaria will attract more foreign tourists because people do not need to change money. The possibility of paying for a dream beachfront property in euros will also influence the decision making of a prospective buyer.

If you like Bulgaria and have been thinking about the possibility of investing in a property, either for your own use or for rent, now is the time. Then it will be harder to find your dream property as prices will increase and competition will increase.


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