Buying property in Cyprus in 2023


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the new hot destination of the Mediterranean!

Buying property in Cyprus in 2023

Buying property in Cyprus in 2023

North Cyprus is the new hot destination of the Mediterranean! Buyers from all parts of Europe, the UK and the Middle East are lining up to buy villas or apartments in Northern Cyprus. But why is this so?

Climate and clean sea.

Northern Cyprus has an average of 340 days of sunshine a year and the highest winter temperatures of any country in the European Union. This means you can enjoy as many sunny days as you like! In addition to the beautiful weather, North Cyprus has long, sandy beaches that are bathed in a sky blue, clear sea. According to a 2020 report published by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency (EEA), Cyprus has the highest proportion of bathing sites with excellent water quality in the European Union. It has the cleanest water in Europe.

Convenient transport and stay

There are two main airports in Cyprus: Larnaca Airport in the south and Ercan (Lefkosa) Airport in the north. There is also a smaller airport in the south at Paphos. Anyone travelling with a European passport has free access via Larnaca Airport, which offers flights to all over the world. Almost any citizen of the world with a passport can enter or stay in Northern Cyprus without needing a prior visa. Not only that, almost all nationalities can buy property in North Cyprus! Once you have an address, you can apply for a residence permit in Northern Cyprus, which can be renewed every year if you prove financial stability and do not suffer from any contagious or serious illness.

Culture and history

Northern Cyprus offers a unique blend of history, fabulous cuisine, Turkish culture and festivals. You'll find traditional craft and other local festivals and a rich history of ancient castles, tombs and monuments dating back thousands of years, including Greek temples, Roman cities, Persian palaces, Crusader castles and many more! It is this culture, history and climate that leaves first-time visitors feeling like they have fallen in love with this place. This unique atmosphere leads many people interested in North Cyprus real estate to buy their own little piece of paradise and return to their new home in North Cyprus year after year.

Paint nature

Many North Cypriot villa and apartment complexes have the rapidly rising Besparmak Mountains as a backdrop, sloping down to the northern coastal beaches. Property investors in North Cyprus have a choice of urban property with easy access to charming harbours and nightlife, restaurants, casinos and yachts, or coastal or mountain properties in villages or countryside surrounded by fields and olive groves. Even many urban properties in North Cyprus have mountain views. Beautiful unspoilt countryside is never far away for property owners in North Cyprus, whether you choose the north, east or west coast as your preferred location. The popular east coast near Famagusta and the unspoilt more secluded Karpaz peninsula offer long stretches of sandy beaches in North Cyprus, while the less developed west coast is great for water sports fans due to the favourable winds on this side of Cyprus. Whatever the environment you like, you'll find it in Northern Cyprus!

Education and Health

It's also an island of students. The largest university is in Famagusta. There are also American universities and many top hospitals. Thousands of patients with health problems visit Cyprus every year, as the local healthcare system is of a high standard.

The high interest in real estate in Cyprus is helped by the local people, who are very nice. The locals don't even lock their cars and houses. It is one of the safest countries in the world. The air is also great here, as there is no heavy industry in Cyprus.