Discover the beauty of historic Famagusta


Famagusta is a picturesque city located in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Discover the beauty of historic Famagusta

Famagusta is a picturesque town located in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The city is washed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a very attractive destination for tourists, not only because of the beaches but also because of the classic Mediterranean climate where you will never be cold.

What can I see in the city?

Thanks to its rich history, the city not only has beautiful beaches, but also interesting monuments that are sure to interest any architecture and history enthusiast. You won't be bored!

1. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque

A good place to start your pleasant night stroll through the city is the Laly Mustafa Mosque. This beautiful and imposing building was the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas before the Ottoman Empire conquered it. However, it was subsequently converted into a mosque that bears the name of an Ottoman general. This building nevertheless resembles a cathedral. The Muslim influence is especially evident in the imposing minaret that has been added.

2. The Monastery of St. Barbanos

This monastery is one of the most important sights of Famagusta today, and you simply must stop by as you explore the ruins of the old town during a scenic day. Legend has it that it is built on the site where the saint who travelled with St. Paul is buried. This structure has been destroyed a few times throughout history, but has always been rebuilt in the end. Today, however, you can still visit the preserved parts of the original ancient buildings and soak up their ancient energy.

3. Othello Castle

It may have castle in its name, but it is actually a citadel that is part of the castle fortifications. You can see four of the eight original towers, from which you'll have a spectacular view of the wide, sky-blue sea. Fans of classic literature will especially appreciate this castle. Shakespeare is said to have set the action of Othello there.

In addition to hiking, we recommend trying the delicious local cuisine, which offers delicious dishes for even the most demanding. What's better than eating good food while looking out to sea?

A short history of the town

This ancient city was founded in the 4th century BC. Initially a mere fishing village, it only became more important after the inhabitants of the now defunct town of Salamis moved there in the 7th century. The arrival of the Crusaders and other inhabitants turned this town into one of the richest cities in Europe. In the 14th century, the city came under the rule of the Genoese Republic and was then ruled by the Republic of Venice. Under their rule, Famagusta became an important commercial city. Later, the siege of Famagusta by the Ottoman Empire began. Despite the efforts of the Venetians, the city came under Ottoman rule, where it remained until 1878 when it was ceded to Great Britain along with the whole of Cyprus.

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