We share in the success of Leo Brichta!!!

We share in the success of Leo Brichta!!!

Congratulations to Leo Bricht for another victory!

Watch the video to the end!


We met Leo by chance. We said hello, told him how much we'd heard about him, and he replied in his playful, almost childlike tone - Really?

We were impressed by his modest confidence, typical of a winner. His intelligent look shocked us. In truth, we were expecting something different, but instead we were up against a young intelligent man with a slight friendly smile and an incredible personality!

We couldn't resist.

We instantly became his fans. We've all seen rude people in this sport who threatened their opponents, humanoid gorillas who tried to instill fear to mask their own fear. Leo's missing that. Nature has given him a charm that he can accentuate by showing respect and smiling at his opponent.

This boy is our inspiration. And we wish we could tell you why!

Leo is constantly working towards his success.

He doesn't know that feeling - I can't do it anymore, I don't want to do it anymore, I won't succeed! There is a strength in him that, even when he is at his most tired, pushes him to keep going, to not give up! The strength that leaders have! The strength that drives you when you can't anymore, when you're down on your knees and dying to move forward, driven by faith in the future, by success, and by the person standing by you! His daily focus is on the next victory!

100 percent of his time is dedicated to training.

He is a man of integrity and decency.

The combination of daily training, a diet that can tear down even the strongest of wills, and Shaolin monk-like humility made us want to be a part of his success.Leo is flexible. He adapts to his opponent like water poured into a different vessel.

This is essential today for all of us who do not want to give up and must move to the rhythm of the new life, otherwise the system will destroy us. Welcome to the 4th technological revolution!

Happily, they haven't figured out how to fight online in the octagon yet!