The buying process in Croatia

We were the first to bring you the opportunity to buy a property abroad! We are a Czech s.r.o. and we guarantee the result of the transaction and every crown you spend. Even though we sell in several countries, we always do our job 100%. The sales manager personally takes care of the sales process in each country.

How to choose and then buy a property, the procedure:

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    Write or call us to discuss what your intentions are. We will give you professional and fair advice. We will discuss your requirements, technical parameters such as size, location, etc. and we will choose your dream property together.

  2. You can also check out our website WWW.MOJENEMOVITOSTUMORE.CZ and choose a property from our offer.

  3. When arranged, we can arrange an on-site property inspection, where our experts will make sure you have enough time to choose and decide.

  4. After selecting a specific property we can prepare a (pre-emptive SOSB) reservation agreement and you pay a reservation fee so we can reserve your selected property for you. The reservation fee is part of the purchase price and is approximately 10-15% of the purchase price. It is paid on account in Croatia.

  5. The advertised price is without agency commission (3% + VAT) and without legal service in Croatia (1-2%).

  6. Then the necessary documents (purchase contract, power of attorney, legal services agreement) are issued. After signing the Purchase Agreement, the rest of the purchase price is paid.

  7. Then the notary submits the proposal for registration in the Land Registry and after the registration is completed, we send the title deed.

What will I pay beyond the above?

  • The cost of the transfer and full legal services associated with the acquisition of ownership is between 1% and 2% of the purchase price of the property. If the buyer wishes to use the services of a notary public for escrow services, a separate fee of up to 1% of the escrow amount is payable to the notary public.

What will be the cost of running the property?

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    You will pay a fee of about 100-200 € per month for utilities and water during the season (5 to 9 months) and 10-15 € per month in the off-season.

  • Property insurance can be arranged through our partners.

  • The annual maintenance fee in Croatia is paid individually according to your needs and requirements.

  • The annual statutory property tax is up to 2 € per m2 of usable area.

What if I am buying a vacant property or a property that needs to be renovated?"

  • We will recommend a professional if the property needs repairs or furnishing.


How will we take care of the operation of your property after the purchase?

  • We will take care of the water and electricity transfer to your name.
  • Agree holiday property insurance on request.

Who will help me with my rental property

  • Property owners who bought through our RK can list the property on our website for FREE.

I heard that has a portal ready for clients

  • Yes, that's correct. We value every client, communicate over the long term and help with subsequent property management. We are not a firm that lures you into buying and then stops there. As proof and something extra, we have created a CLIENT PORTAL for our clients available at where you can manage your property - the Client Portal is available to you for free.

What are the circumstances under which I can rent?

  • You will have to pay a flat tax of €80 per year per bed rented. You can arrange the categorisation at your local authority in a few minutes. If you're not sure, we're happy to help.