Rental FAQs

What is the price?

The price is per unit per night.

Who are you renting from?

You rent directly from the owner of the apartment.

How does it work?

Fill out the form and send an inquiry. Give as much detail as possible, how old you are, when your flight is, whether you have a pet with you or whether you want an airport transfer. If so, how many suitcases you have and whether you will need a child seat). We will contact you after confirmation from the owner. You deposit 10% of the price based on the invoice from our company and the stay is booked.

It's that simple!

The company is not responsible for the condition of the apartment or the information provided by the landlord.

We are not a travel agency. We are a real estate agency that has promised to help our clients even after they have bought a property.
We like to fulfill this promise by providing a space on our website where clients who have bought a property through us can list these properties for rent. For those interested in renting, we put them in contact with the direct owner.
We are here for you!