The buying process in Spain

Have you decided to invest in a property abroad? Do you want to make every holiday unforgettable knowing that you won't be waiting to check out? We have beautiful properties in Spain for you, with us you can count on us to do our job 100%. During the buying process, we will do everything we can to make sure that it is not difficult to acquire a property.

How to select and then buy a property, the procedure:

  • Write or call us to discuss your plan. We will give you professional and fair advice. We will discuss your requirements, technical parameters such as size, location, etc. and select your dream property together.


  • You can also check our website WWW.MOJENEMOVITOSTUMORE.CZ and choose a property from our current offer.


  • Decide how you would like to view the property, you have the option to choose either a real-time online viewing or an in-person viewing.


  • If you choose a personal tour, we will arrange a free shuttle to and from the airport.


  • We will arrange on-site tours, where our experts will make sure you have plenty of time to choose and decide.


  • Once you have selected a specific property, we will prepare a reservation agreement and you will pay a reservation fee so that we can reserve your selected property for you. The reservation fee is part of the purchase price and is 13.000€. It is payable to a Czech bank account.


  • The necessary documents are then issued (purchase contract, legal services contract, power of attorney, money escrow agreement). In order to do all these steps and contracts, we have to set up an N.I.E. number for you, which is necessary in Spain for any financial and legal activity, you verify yourself with it just like in the Czech Republic with your birth number.


  • All sums are deposited in the notary's escrow account in Spain.


  • Then follows the transcription at the notary, registration in the land registry and issuance of the title deed - the so-called certificate.


What are the costs of running the property?

  • You will pay up to €130 per month for electricity and water here, depending on consumption.


  • The price will not exceed 10€ during the period when you will not use water and electricity here.


  • There is an IBI tax (property tax) here depending on the size and age of the property.

After the property is purchased, we will continue to help you with everything!

I heard that has a portal ready for clients

  • Yes, that's correct. We value every client, communicate over the long term and help with subsequent property management. We are not a firm that lures you into buying and then stops there. As a proof and something extra for our clients we have created a PORTAL FOR CLIENTS available at where you can manage your property The Client Portal is available to you for free.