The buying process in Greece

We were among the first to bring you the opportunity to buy a property abroad! We are a Czech s.r.o. and we guarantee the result of the transaction and every crown spent by you. Even though we sell in several countries, we always do our job 100%. The sales manager personally takes care of the sales in each country.

How to select and then buy a property, the procedure:


  • Write or call us to discuss your plan. We will give you professional and fair advice. We will discuss your requirements, technical parameters such as size, location, etc. and select your dream property together.


  • You can also check our website WWW.MOJENEMOVITOSTUMORE.CZ and choose a property from our offer.


  • Determine how you want to view the property. You have the option to choose either a real-time online viewing or an in-person viewing.


  • If you choose an in-person tour, we will offer you an accommodation option.
    We will arrange on-site tours where our experts will make sure you have plenty of time to choose and decide.


  • Once you have selected a specific property, we will prepare a booking contract and pay a booking fee so that we can reserve your chosen property for you. The reservation fee is part of the purchase price. It is paid to a Czech bank account.


  • The necessary documents are then issued (purchase contract, legal services contract, money escrow agreement). After signing, the rest of the purchase price is paid
    All sums are deposited in the lawyer's escrow account.
    We prepare the necessary declarations, for which the signatures need to be verified by a Czech notary.
    Then follows the notary's transcription, registration in the land register and the issuance of the title deed.

What will I pay in addition to the above?

  • The cost of the transfer and all services related to the acquisition of ownership is 8 to 10% of the purchase price of the property.

What will be the cost of running the property?

  • You will pay approximately €50 - €100 per month for utilities and water, depending on the size of the apartment. For larger apartments and houses more, depending on consumption.


  • Property insurance at your discretion approximately 120-200€ per year.
    The annual statutory property tax is approximately 2 - 5€ per m2.

Who can help me with renting a property?

  • Property owners who bought through our real estate agency can list their property on our website for FREE.


  • I heard that has prepared a portal for clients
    Yes, that's right. We value every client, communicate long term and help with subsequent property management. We are not a company that entices to buy and then stops.


  • As proof and something extra, we have created a CLIENT PORTAL for our clients available at where you can manage your property - the Client Portal is available to you for free.