Unique 2 rooms, luxury balneocomplex, near the largest mineral spring, Velingrad

Velingrad, Bulgaria – ID 6076
99,000 €
Area 75 m2
Flat kind 2+kk
Floor 5/5
Condition Ready

We offer for sale a fully furnished two-bedroom apartment with a total area of 75.5 m2, located on the fifth and last floor of the Sveti Spas complex in the southern part of the balneological resort of Velingrad, Pazardzhik district, Bulgaria. Layout: entrance hall, living room with dining and kitchen area, bedroom, bathroom with toilet and terrace with panoramic views and south-east orientation. The complex, together with the surrounding park area around the Chepinska River, forms a gated holiday village in the most beautiful part of Velingrad. Located in the southern part of Velingrad on the banks of the Chepinska River, next to the largest mineral spring -Radon Bath and 700 meters from the Kleptuza Nature Reserve. This

corner of the country, endowed with healing gifts, has been known since antiquity, where Roman and Turkish baths were built, and later described in the travelogues of Alek Konstantinov and Ivan Vazov. A source of health and longevity - the Ascension is still celebrated in the area today - the feast of St. Bath, who according to the Christian religion brings healing and protection from disasters.

Balneocomplex is designed for year-round living and balneotherapy. The complex corresponds to the five-star categorization and consists of: a residential part, a medical-diagnostic center, an entertainment

facilities and services. Balneo complex Saint Spas offers airport shuttle, car rental and taxi services, as well as 24-hour secure parking. The maintenance fee is 12€/m2 per year.

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Flat kind
75 m2
Usable area
62 m2
2 km
3 km
1 km
380 m
2 km
училище / Kindergarten/school
650 m

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